Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Raysun Power provides one of the most reliably designed system in terms of life of the system and assured quality components. We do not compromise on any quality of components, big or small. We use the best of components for the ‘Balance of system” generally ignored by others. Some of these critical components are MC4 connectors, Fuses, DC Cables, AC Cables, Earthing system and even standard nuts and bolts are all SS

Galvanized structure built to last 25 years and withstand wind speeds of upto 150km/hr.
Solar Modules and Inverters used are from the top international companies and are fully backed by technical and service support.
Site Surveys – Our experienced team will assess your roof top and suggest the most appropriate design of the structure for optimal use of your roof. A rough estimate would be given for the total capacity that can be installed. Once we have a go ahead, we will submit you detailed engineering drawing with actual bill of material and make of various components.
Save on your Electricity Bill: The precise amount of savings you make by installing solar Panels depends on your tariff charged by the grid electric supply company. But generally, residential customers recover their investment on Rooftop Solar system by 5 to 7 years through savings whereas Commercial and Industrial customers are able to recover even earlier as their tariffs are generally higher.