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Raysun Power Solutions provides Consulting, Product Sales and implementation services in the field of Renewable Energy (Solar, Bio Mass and Pico Hydro). We also excel in providing consulting and implementation support in the area of Energy Efficiency to small and medium enterprises.
A rooftop photovoltaic power station, or rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure.The various components of such a system include photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, solar inverters and other electrical accessories. Rooftop PV systems on residential buildings typically feature a capacity of about 5 to 30 kilowatts (kW), while those mounted on commercial buildings often reach 100 kilowatts or more. Estimating rooftop solar insolation is a multi-faceted process, as insolation values in rooftops are impacted by the following: Time of the year Latitude Weather conditions Roof slope Roof aspect Shading from adjacent buildings and vegetation. In a grid connected rooftop photovoltaic power station, the generated electricity is sold to the local distribution company (DISCOM) for use elsewhere in the grid. This arrangement provides payback for the investment of the installer. A rooftop photovoltaic power station (either on-grid or off-grid) can be used in conjunction with other power components like diesel generators, wind turbines, batteries etc. These solar hybrid power systems may be capable of providing a continuous source of power.
Full Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning including and Operational and Maintenance Support for Pico/Micro and Mini-Grids is provided by us. The Solar Power Plant is built using the best available material and components that last for full life time of the plant.
RaySun Power offers variety of products and solutions in the Power and Energy space. Some of these are: - Portable Gensets (1 kVA to 10 kVA) - Diesel, Petrol and Kerosene - Solar Home Systems (One light solution to running an entire home) - New Generation Lithium Ion Batteries for various applications. - Drinking Water Solution - Energy Efficient appliances and solutions
Raysun Consulting, a subsidiary of Raysun Power, provides training and audit services to organisations for achieving operational excellence. It also provides training and audit for achieving ISO 9001; 140001; EHS, OSHAS.